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Affordable decorating


How to decorate like a grown-up when you have flatmates

When the cost of living makes it impossible to live alone, this is how to create a stylish shared home without feeling like you’re a student again

TikTok and Instagram accounts to follow for renter-friendly design ideas

These accounts prove renting needn't mean bland walls and beige vertical blinds

Simple, affordable ways to make your house feel more luxurious

However tight your budget, we recommend indulging in a few key pieces to bring a sense of luxury to your everyday life

How to spruce up your bathroom without committing to a full renovation

Replacing a bathroom can be costly – this is how to make improvements without blowing the budget or calling in the professionals

How to make your garden budget go further

Gardening doesn’t have to be expensive, as long as you know what you’re doing and plan ahead

The affordable interiors luxuries we're all turning to now

Fiona McKenzie Johnston explores how the ‘lipstick effect’, which explains why we all turn to affordable luxuries in times of economic difficulty, applies to the world of interior design

Beginner's guide to starting an art collection on a budget with The List by House & Garden

Are you thinking of starting your art collection and are on a budget? Here are some essential tips from members of The List by House & Garden

Why DIY: the renovation jobs you should consider tackling yourself

When it comes to doing up your house, there are more tasks that you can undertake yourself than you may have previously thought…

17 Instagram accounts to follow for affordable decorating ideas 

You don’t need a huge budget to transform the look of your home and these inspiring accounts prove that anything is possible. 
Design Ideas

Cheap, smart uses for IKEA furniture in interior design schemes

In celebration of all things IKEA, here are several instances when designers used the Scandi behemoth in extremely smart interiors – and you probably didn’t even notice

How to DIY wall panelling 

Wood panelling adds instant charm and character to an interior – and its easier than you'd think. 
Top of the Shops

The thrift shopping rules: how to come away from charity shops with an interiors bargain

Former House & Garden staffer and charity shop aficionado Bonnie Robinson offers her expert advice on how to emerge from your local Oxfam clutching treasure, along with tips from fellow experts

One simple way to transform a room: up-and-coming interior designers share their tips

Need to make a big impact without changing an entire room? This is how the experts do it…