A RIBA-award-winning Georgian farmhouse beautifully restored for modern life

Keen to take a creative approach to the renovation of their Gloucestershire farmhouse, its owners commissioned award-winning architect Alison Brooks to radically reimagine the internal space of the late-Georgian main house and an unappealing extension
A RIBAawardwinning Georgian farmhouse beautifully restored for modern life
Michael Sinclair

Few collectors are fortunate enough to live in a house that has been designed with the artworks in mind. And David’s art collection is a dominant feature throughout. It was something that Alison had to consider from the outset of the project – far more than simply making sure there was enough wall space. ‘Small objects can be difficult to design for,’ she says. ‘They can easily end up cluttered onto shelves and not be appreciated.’ One of the most pleasing details in the kitchen area is how the structure of the staircase was designed as a shelving system, which is now populated by 50 of David’s smaller treasures.

‘I could see at the beginning of the commission that this was going to be a major project in the tradition of the English country house,’ Alison says. ‘Of course, it is nowhere near the scale of the grand country houses, but it continues that tradition of an architect working with a client over a long period, and then working on the surroundings to create a total project of architecture, furniture, art and landscape all coming together. That is such a rare thing.’

Alison describes David and Jenny as patrons of the arts: ‘They were brave to decide that, in their later life, they were going to move to the country permanently and commission a major piece of architectural work.’

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