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Design Ideas


How to get your house ready for winter amid high energy costs

Heating bills are still high, but there are steps you can take – both in DIY and decoration – to improve your home’s energy efficiency and therefore save money. Here are some ideas to keep costs down and stay warm

Why do designers hate spotlights and what are some stylish alternatives?

Spotlights, or downlights, are a divisive lighting solution. Designers often opt for more interesting options which offer the opportunity to be decorative. Here’s our guide to the best alternatives…

Why box beds and bed nooks are the most efficient (and charming) solution for a small bedroom

Both supremely inviting and incredibly practical, box beds are the perfect solution for small spaces. We've gathered our favourite design ideas plus advice from the designers who do them best

Interior ideas to steal from London bars and restaurants

Inspiration really is everywhere – stay alert next time you go for dinner and you might just find your next great decorating tip…