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Garden design ideas


A brief history of the walled garden and why they're a gardener's dream

Whether you've inherited a walled garden in need of some love, or want to create your own, this is what you need to know

How to plant a Mediterranean garden

Drought-tolerant Mediterranean gardens are both beautiful and sustainable, the perfect option for a sunny spot. Lottie Delamain explains the advantages and sets out a planting scheme to copy

How to create light shade for your garden in summer

When summer is in full swing, a bit of shade in the garden for sitting and dining is an absolute must. Garden designer Tabi Jackson Gee advises on how to do it

How to bring a festival atmosphere to your summer garden

Come summertime, it can feel as if almost every great country house or city park has been taken over by musicians and glitter-covered crowds. If you haven't scored your festival tickets – or simply are sitting this year out – why not bring the festival to you? We've gathered our at-home festival favourites, from fairy lights to speakers to giant tasseled tents so you can party on in style

How to plant a gravel garden

Gravel borders are stylish, eco-friendly, and extremely low maintenance. Hazel Sillver looks at how to plant one to enjoy a beautiful garden without the need to weed or water

Pools, ponds and rills: a garden designer's guide to water features

Contemplating a pool, pond, rill or fountain in your garden? Tabi Jackson Gee advises on what to consider before you take the plunge 

How to design a white garden

Elegant and restrained, a white colour palette in the garden is easy to achieve with plenty of evergreen plants and a careful selection of flowers. Tabi Jackson Gee advises on the process

What are edimentals and why should you be planting them at home?

Both edible and ornamental, these plants are a low-maintenance way to grow your own food at home. The 2023 winner of our Rising Star award for garden design, Harry Holding, talks us through the benefits of edimentals

How to make your garden budget go further

Gardening doesn’t have to be expensive, as long as you know what you’re doing and plan ahead