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Inside the scheme for a country house sitting room by Janine Stone

We briefed the team at Janine Stone to transform a plain, box-like room in a contemporary country house into a comfortable and luxurious living space. Here, we reveal the finished scheme and the fascinating creative process behind it
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How to create the perfect eclectic interior with effortless ease

The art of combining furniture to create an appealing room is one of the most important skills of an interior designer, but with’s 2021 autumn/winter collection, such results can be effortlessly achieved in any home
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The List Designer Insight: Rosanna Bossom

Interior designer Rosanna Bossom discusses her latest projects, sources of inspiration and future plans for her eponymous business with Leanne Walstow
The List

The List Designer Insight: Howark Design

Interior designers James Arkoulis and Saskia Howard of Howark Design discuss their latest projects and services, sources of inspiration and future plans for their business with Leanne Walstow

IKEA is opening a shop in central London

IKEA is opening a new shop in central London, right on the Tottenham Court Road, and we're quite excited about it.
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Creating a statement ceiling

Your ceiling may not appear high on your list of decorating priorities but here’s why it should