Get the look of Kate Cox's Georgian kitchen

With its modern, floor to ceiling, metro tiling and earthy terracotta flooring, this young designer's kitchen is a masterclass in balance. Here's how you can get the look

The distinctive look of family interior design studio HÀM Interiors has been taking off in a serious way this year. We're delighted to have featured the 17th-century house of Tom Cox in Devon and that of his sister Kate Cox in Bristol, and we're also pretty excited about their holiday house interiors at the Net Loft at Atlanta Trevone in Cornwall and the Cove Valley cabins in the Exe Valley. Today we're zooming in on Kate's utterly charming kitchen in her Georgian apartment, which ticks pretty much all of our boxes when it comes to kitchen design. There's colour in the deep red cabinets, pattern in the cabinet curtains, a beautiful terracotta floor, and plenty of pretty accessories. If you're looking to create a kitchen with character, take notes.

A young designer's deeply cosy Georgian flat
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Tom Griffiths

This kitchen really is the best of all worlds. Simple metro tiles keep things feeling clean and modern, but the open shelving allows for interesting objects to be displayed, as well as providing storage for jars of dry goods and glassware. Kate has kept the colours earthy, picking up on the terracotta of the tiles in the striped curtain, while the cabinets are painted in a complementary deep red.

'White Tie' Paint
Tuli Fabric, nectar
Teapot Pillarbox Red
Feldspar Painted Handle Fine China Mugs, set of two
Oak Utility Shelf
White Enamel Milk Jug
Sorghum Stripe Short Handled Brush
Black Staffordshire Dog
Anyday Mini Ceramic Pestle and Mortar
'Pantalon' Paint
'Singed Red' Paint
Tom Griffiths

Although the kitchen is in an urban apartment, cleverly chosen accessories give it a certain country charm. We love the rippling wicker tray, an ideal solution for corralling the olive oil, salt, pepper and other sundries that tend to congregate next to a stove.

Le Creuset Signature Cast Iron Round Casserole, meringue
Jumbo Rattan Ripple Tray
HÁM Hardware Collection
Linen Tea Towel
Tom Griffiths

In one corner of the kitchen Kate has made full use of the family knack for finding lovely vintage pieces, combining an antique table and chairs with the distinctive artwork that often pops up in HÀM Interiors' projects. Naive pictures of ships add colour and life to the wall, while a textual piece (another favourite style you can find at Studio HÀM) lends texture and visual interest.

Folky Ship Painting
French 1900s Design Bistro Rattan And Wicker Chair
Ralph Lauren 'Mandan Paisley'
Tilden Hanging Globe
'Cabin Fever' Framed Flag