Star buys: our picks for Leo season

Continuing her astrologically-guided column, Rémy Mishon details what to buy for a Leo, the kings and queens of the zodiac

Leo, the astrological sign that stretches from the 23rd July to the 22nd August, is the zodiac's most fierce. Represented by the lion, these fire signs are natural, courageous leaders that don't shy away from conflict. Let us not go without saying, though, that Leos love the celebrity that comes with their leadership skills. They are at their best when the centre of attention and often indulge in expensive purchases and lavish events.

However, they also have the ability to connect deeply with friends, family and loved ones. They are dedicated lovers that enjoy strengthening relationships. Ruled by the sun, the celestial body to which all life and vitality owes itself, Leos are known for dependability, stability and consistency. The only threat to a relationship with a Leo is if they start to feel outshone by their partner; this fire sign's ego is easily bruised!

Alebrije Lamp, León
Sunburst Cushion
The Lion Tamer, framed print, by Emily Sutton
As Long As We Have Each Other Mug, by Yinka Ilori
Rainbow Tablecloth
Little Rainbow Card
Rectangular Silk Ikat Cushion
Belmar Striped Indoor/Outdoor Bistro Chair
Handwoven Iraca Fruit Napkin Rings, set of six
Hay Connie Hüsser Leo Smiley Sponge
Late Afternoon Yellow Circus Dinner Plate

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