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Metal Spinning

Metal Spinning Services

Metal spinning, also known as spin forming, metal forming or metal turning is a cold work metal forming process which forms metals into axially symmetric parts. The process begins with flat sheet metal cut into a disk and is then formed over a rotating mandrel into a round shape. Popular round shapes that are constructed from metal spinning include conical, parabolic, toroidal and more. This process can be performed by manually by hand or by a CNC lathe, and is a cost-effective alternative to low volume or short run metal stamping

Because Wenzel is so specialized in metal spinning, we are the United States metal spinner of choice. Wenzel has over 225,000 square feet of manufacturing space in three locations. Our unparalleled level of automation and our deep dedication to quality support our proud tradition of outstanding customer service. All Wenzel Metal Spinning facilities offer a wide variety of unique services and capabilities that allow us to produce the highest caliber of custom metal spinnings in both large and small quantities - quickly and competitively.

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We spin metal to your unique specifications rather than ask you to design your specifications around our high volume spun metal. This approach delivers, in a cost-effective manner, a truly customized metal part that meets your expectations every time. For more information on our metal spinning services, contact us today. 

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Custom Spinning To Meet Your Requirements

Wenzel Metal Spinning’s expertise in the custom spun metal process allows us to provide quality parts to customers in a wide variety of industries; such as air movement, agriculture and bulk solid handling. We can spin virtually any conical or concentric shape to meet your project's specifications and requirements. In addition to servicing a wide mix of industries, Wenzel’s production is flexible enough to accommodate varying batch and order sizes. Whatever the type or volume – Wenzel can help with your custom metal spinnings.


Wenzel Metal Spinning, Inc.’s extensive knowledge of metal spinning allows us to provide superior parts from the following metal forming & spinning materials:

Shorter Lead Times

Wenzel’s quick lead times and fast CNC spinnings support lean manufacturing programs, even in high-volume situations. For projects with smaller quantities, Wenzel’s expertise with manual spinning lathes and spin forming allows us to competitively produce parts for one-time-only custom metal spinning needs and prototypes.

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