Oka and Cabana Magazine have collaborated on a charming range of lamps

The collection includes silk shades and hand turned lamp bases

It's always an exciting moment when two brands so perfectly paired come together to work on a collaborative range–and today's thrill is thanks to lifestyle brand Cabana Magazine and beloved furniture shop Oka. The duo, headed up by Cabana Magazine Founder and Editor-in-Chief Martina Mondadori and Oka's Co-Founder and Creative Director Sue Jones, have turned their respective hands to a new range of lampshades and lamps which draw on both parties' equal love of a maximalist aesthetic and deep appreciation of antique fabrics. 

The range includes eight different lampshades (each of which is available in two sizes) and one hand turned lamp base, which is available in four colours. Made by Oka's craftspeople across London and India, the pieces demonstrate the very best of their ability, with detailed embroidery and hand block printed fabrics.

The Ambi shade 

Inspired by classic paisley fabrics, the Ambi lampshade is made of hand block printed linen which has been finished with a contrasting trim. 

OKA X Cabana Ambi Lampshade 35cm - Raspberry/Moss
OKA X Cabana Ambi Lampshade 35cm - Ochre/Dune Green
OKA X Cabana Ambi Lampshade 35cm - Paprika/Moss
The Arabesque shade

Hand embroidered onto a tussar silk using a herringbone stich, the Arabesque shade is perhaps the finest example of quality craftsmanship in the whole collection. The print is inspired by an antique fabric found in a market in India.

OKA X Cabana 45cm Arabesque Lampshade - Blue/Red
OKA X Cabana Arabesque Lampshade 45cm - Paprika/Moss
The Veneto shade

The only card shade in the collection, the Veneto shade's three patterns are an ‘ode to Italy’, according to Oka and Cabana.

Veneto Collato Lampshade, Medium
OKA X Cabana Veneto Vicolo Lampshade 35cm - Redstone/Green
OKA X Cabana Veneto Cosima Lampshade 35cm - Dark Blush
The Pilastro table lamp

The Pilastro table lamp was inspired by an antique piece owned by Martina's late mother, and is made by hand-turning wood, before applying multiple paint coats to achieve a rich, deep tone.

OKA X Cabana Pilastro Table Lamp - Blue
OKA X Cabana Pilastro Table Lamp - Ochre
OKA X Cabana Pilastro Table Lamp - Burgundy
OKA X Cabana Pilastro Table Lamp - Olive