Star buys: our picks for Cancer season

Continuing her astrologically-guided column, Rémy Mishon details what to buy for a Cancer, the calm cardinal water sign

Cancer, the astrological sign that spans from the 21st June to 22nd July, is the zodiac's cardinal water sign. Ruled by the moon, the celestial entity that represents maternal energy and comfort, Cancers are often family oriented and a home body. They excel in the creation of personal sanctuaries, making their homes as welcoming as possible. Cancers also love to entertain and host their friends, making excellent chefs (Cancer is the zodiac sign associated with the stomach). 

The Cancerian sign originates from the Cancer constellation, a crab-shaped cluster of stars. As such, the celestial animal associated with the sign is this ocean dwelling crustacean. In turn, the crab represents a Cancer's ability to move seamlessly between ‘sea and shore’, or both emotional and material realms. They are sensitive and quick to pick up on the energy in a room, coming across tough in many instances as a form of self-protection. However, as time goes on, Cancer reveal their soft insides: their gentle nature protected by their shell.

As you might expect, Cancers can also inflicted a sharp ‘pinch’ with their large claws. Be careful if you find yourself in conflict with them, they will come at you side on!

L'Objet Seashell Coaster, set of four
Aerin Medium Shell Platter
Ceraudo 'Aurora' footstool
Crab and Shell Print by Moira Frith
Cancerian Horoscope Print
Sunny Life jumbling tower game
‘Roman Vase in Magnolia I’ by Michael Ruh
‘Palais Royal Froufrou’ sofa
Beer jug by Necel
Rose garden reed diffuser by Norfolk Natural Living
‘Arran Reversible’ cashmere throw (white silver)

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