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All the latest quick & easy salad recipe ideas for both new and experienced cooks with food and drink inspiration for your salads, from House & Garden

Salad recipes

Squid, tomato and celery salad

North African recipes

Spicy aubergine, tomato and garlic zaalouk salad

Recipes for Spring

Fennel & agretti salad

Italian recipes by Rachel Roddy

Fennel, orange, watercress and olive salad 

Cozy, vegetarian recipes from River Cottage chef Gill Meller's book 'Root, Stem, Leaf, Flower'

Aubergine, courgette salad with mint and tahini dressing

The best Boxing Day recipes

Boxing Day Turkey & Raspberry Salad

Work from home lunch ideas

Prawn vermicelli salad

Vegetarian Mexican recipes by Thomasina Miers

Chargrilled courgettes with chilli-lime dressing, feta and pepitas