A rented flat in Chelsea transformed through art and antiques by Sally Wilkinson

Having moved from Atlanta to London with her husband during the pandemic, interior designer Sally Wilkinson has created a one-bed flat that is a love letter to the couple's time in Europe

When in London, the couple’s favourite space is the terrace, which looks out onto the street. ‘It’s the biggest room, if you treat it as a room,’ says Sally ‘...we entertain out there all the time. Even on colder nights we’ll bundle up and eat there.’ The art on display inside is complemented by the al fresco exhibition of plants. ‘My mom helps me out there a lot,’ Sally is quick to add. The designer’s parents currently live in Richmond as coincidentally her father’s job also recently relocated to the UK. 'I have two sisters left in Texas who are like, “Why is everyone moving to London?!'” Handily, her mother can help with the interiors business a few days every week: ‘I call her my intern,' Sally jokes.

Whereas expats can often find themselves living in sterile, impersonal interiors, waiting for the return ‘home', even in a rental Sally has created a space which shows a commitment to their time in London – which is now indefinite. ‘Even though it’s little and we will grow out of it soon, it feels good to have a place that reflects us like it does. We are really trying to invest here and see where we end up,’ she says. Wherever that is, they will likely need more than a few suitcases. ‘We’ll have to figure that out later,’ says Sally. 'But who knows when that will be?'