An antique dealer's treasure trove of a house in west London

Antique dealer Sara Fenwick’s west London house is like a living museum – every surface is filled with objects she has collected, which together tell the story of more than six decades of family life
An antique dealer's treasure trove of a house in west London
Alicia Taylor
Inside the splendidly restored 18th-century Wolterton Hall in Norfolk
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Sara delights in recounting how the walls of her dressing room are covered in old sacking, with a striped border cut from the edge of a roll of wallpaper from Cole & Son. The pretty wrought-iron bedstead was picked up at a market for sixpence and, like so many of the unique things in the house, was hand-painted by Sara. It is the juxtaposition of good antiques and her felicitous junk shop and market finds that makes this house so special. ‘My idea of hell is having matching pairs of things, or buying everything new,’ she says.

This is a house that has never changed, yet is constantly evolving. The downstairs kitchen has been expanded and Willie has transformed the former children’s nursery into a smart new kitchen-dining area for Sara and her second husband, Charles Fenwick, who shares her passion for style. Willie helped Charles turn what was originally a small formal dining room at the front of the house into an inviting study that overlooks the tree-lined street.

These days, there are long lunches in the romantic, rambling garden. The children, plus their children and all their friends, who have been made so welcome in this glorious home over so many years, love nothing more than coming to enjoy this house – and its contents, which reflect the passions of its owners over a life truly well lived.