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Small Gardens

Small Gardens

A garden designer's tips for redesigning a small outdoor space

Lottie Delamain shares her expert tips for creating space and style in small gardens
Planting Advice

How to plant beautiful window boxes for every season

Follow our guide to making the most of your window boxes and your house will soon be the envy of the whole street

How to use colour in a small garden

There are dozens of elements to consider when introducing colourful elements to your garden, particularly if it’s limited on space – here’s where you should start
City Gardens

How to make the most of your garden in a rented house

Gardening in a rental house can be tricky - how do you decide what to invest in and what you're willing to leave behind? Garden designer Lottie Delamain shares her tips, from how to do container gardening well to the stylish garden furniture you can take to your next house.
Small Gardens

A perfectly imperfect garden in New York

An idea that's easy to replicate, no matter how small your back garden is