28 best sofa beds for 2023, as tested by our editors

The House & Garden team advise on how to buy the best sofa beds, including small and double bed, click clack options, futons, and pull outs.
Weymouth Sofa Bed, £2,231 from Darlings of Chelsea.
Best for luxurious comfort
Fact File
  • Product dimensions: H97 x W174 x D97
  • Upholstery options: 170 fabrics and leathers to choose from
  • Warranty: 10 year frame guarantee
  • Average lead time: 8-10 weeks
  • Mattress size: L241cm x W136cm x D12cm
  • Mechanism type: Pull-out/lift up
Jessica's verdict

This is a smart, formal sofa bed with gently curved arms and piped detailing on the fabric covered frame and cushions that lends an air of considered design. The fabric options are extensive, and come in a range of colours and finishes: from linen to cotton and the intriguing ‘family friendly' category. The latter includes ’easy clean' recycled velvet and stain-resistant recycled cotton, as well as piping options, cushion colours and arm covers. There is also a choice of colour finishes for the feet.

The sofa, which is 174cm wide and 97cm deep with a very supportive 97cm of back, is very comfortable to sit on. The arms have stabiliser bars embedded in the frame to give extra support, and the back of the frame is made from traditional upholstery webbing with a sprung base. Even the cushions are excellently crafted, with a foam core wrapped in microfibre which enables the seats and backs to spring back into shape. Some plumping is still required (you can also select feather filling for an additional £70). Plus, if the pictured size isn’t right, there are a range of sizes to choose from, starting at a ‘loveseat’ sized sofa bed, all the way up to a 3.5 seater sofa bed.

The bed pulls out to a generous length of 241cm and width of 136cm (larger than a queen-sized, but smaller than a king-sized mattress) with a steel mechanism that pulls out from under the base cushions. It’s very easy to pull out, with no clips or catches to worry about. It comes with a 12cm thick pocket sprung mattress as standard, which is comfortable enough as it is, but you also have a choice to upgrade to an additional memory foam topper.

Darlings of Chelsea’s website is notably helpful for customers browsing online. You can scan the QR code online to view the sofa in your own home, as well as spin the image around on the screen, and chat to an assistant - who is a real assistant in the shop, not a virtual bot - to ask any questions; I was impressed.

The sofa is handmade in the UK to order, takes between eight to ten weeks to make, and arrives fully assembled. There is a range of matching furniture options - including other sofa bed sizes - in the Weymouth range. The bottom line is that this is an elegant piece of furniture, handmade in the UK that, depending on the fabric choices (the linen option makes it less formal), would suit a wide range of rooms.

Pros/Why we love it

Darlings of Chelsea do many things well, ranging from squishy armchairs to comfortable bed frames. But it's their sofa beds that really stand out. Their Weymouth Range - an elegant selection of sofas, armchairs and, the hero of this particular tale, sofa beds - is available in four sofa bed sizes: loveseat, two seat, three seat and three and a half seat sofa bed.

The Weymouth range comes with a fantastic ‘standard mattress’, a pocket sprung piece that measures around 12cm thick and 195cm long (about 10cm longer than most. Tall people rejoice!). If you wish, you can swap it out for a memory foam option that offers a slightly different level of support. That's not the only customisable option here though, as you can switch your seat cushions to feather-wrapped foam which feels delightfully squishy without the need for constant plumping up. Starting at just over £2,000, we think the Weymouth comes at very reasonable prices given it's a handmade furnishing that comes with a ten year guarantee.

Cons/What we don't love

Any alterations away from standard can be costly.

Bailey Double Sofa Bed, £1,549 from John Lewis.
Best for buying from a trusted retailer
Bailey Double Sofa Bed
Fact file
  • Product dimensions: H94 x W177 x D102cm
  • Upholstery options: 114
  • Warranty: 15 years
  • Average lead time: 13 weeks
  • Delivery: Within 7 days (if choosing from the two core fabrics)
  • Mattress size: D236 x W136 x L182cm
  • Mechanism type: Pull-out/lift up
Jessica's verdict

A boxy, compact sofa that could fit into a variety of rooms and settings. The Bailey sofa bed is very customisable, with two fabric options available within a seven day delivery time frame (in either soft weave steel or harriet slate velvet), but there are more than 100 different fabrics available to choose from if you select the made to order service, which takes ten weeks.

The total width of the sofa is 177cm, of which 153cm of that is the seat width, which is snug but the 236cm depth makes it feel comfortable, as does the foam and fibre filling in the cushions. As a bed, the mattress is 136cm wide - which is a standard small double - so it can sleep two people, but for those of us used to larger beds, it does feel a squeeze. The pocket sprung mattress (with springs that are individually sewn into their own fabric pockets) measures 10cm deep and gives a firm and supportive feel.

It’s very easy to assemble, even the most DIY-phobic could manage. It comes almost fully assembled, all you need to do is screw on the legs. John Lewis’ delivery team will put the product in the room you need it in and take away the packaging. Reassuringly it comes with a generous 15 year guarantee.

When this is assembled as a sofa, the seats are supported by flexible webbing which is the same support system used in traditional sofas. When it’s unfolded into a bed, the mattress is supported by beech slats. Setting it up as a bed is easy, as the bed has a two part folding mechanism. Just remove the seat and back cushions, and pull out the under frame. I found that it’s easy and light enough to do with one hand.

There is matching furniture available in the Bailey range including armchairs and different sizes of sofas, including corner sofas and matching footstools.

It’s hard to overlook the fact that the design and shape of the sofa is quite a boring, boxy shape; I wouldn’t have it in a main living room. But its undeniable bonus is that it is comfortable in both its guises as a sofa and a bed and that it is so customisable.

Pros/Why we love it

Ordering from John Lewis guarantees a certain level of quality, and the Bailey Double sofa bed is no different. It might look compact, but it folds out to a size that can easily sleep two. The mechanism is a ‘two-fold’ one, where you take off the cushions and pull out the sofa bed from its resting place nestled inside the sofa. The mattress is a pocket sprung one, which they describe as ‘only slightly less deep than a standard double bed mattress.’ This makes it relatively suited to longer stays or multiple nights sleeping on it. To push the level of comfort and support slightly further, the frame itself has both slats and webbing.

Cons/What we don't love

Whilst the ‘Bailey’ range has a few sizes overall, there is only one size of sofa bed on offer. Furthermore, thanks to the cushions, there's slightly more fuss and faff when setting up this sofa bed than with a click clack mechanism.

Anyday Show Wood Bench Large 3 Seater Sofa Bed, £499 from John Lewis & Partners.
Best for affordable luxury
Anyday Show Wood Bench Large 3 Seater Sofa Bed
Fact File
  • Product dimensions: H79 x W204 x D87cm
  • Average lead time: 7 days
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Delivery: Within 7 days
  • Mattress size: W115cm
  • Mechanism type: Click clack
Jessica's verdict

This is an incredibly good budget option that looks very stylish for its price bracket. It only comes in one colour - a deep coloured ‘cord green’ - with sleek mid tone polished wood on the arms and legs, but its ‘work-with-anything’ shape and colour would fit into most schemes.

The sofa is a generous 204cm wide and 87cm deep, with a 79cm supportive back, and the cushion pads are filled with foam and fibre to give a medium firmness. It is not comfortable enough to be your main slouching-down-to-watch-telly sofa, but it’s a great option for an office, perhaps, or a spare room.

The bed - which is a single size at 115cm wide - is easy to pull out. It uses a 'click-clack' mechanism, wherein you release the locks and unfold it. Once the bed is in position, the ‘click-clack’ sound tells you it’s locked into place (and you don’t lose a house guest into the bowls of the bed in the middle of the night).

Set up at home is minimal - the pine and plywood frame (which has a five year guarantee) is pre-glued and comes fully assembled, you just need to add the four legs. As with all John Lewis deliveries, the delivery team will put it in the room you require and take away the packaging. There is no matching furniture available in the same range, but its tailored mid-century look would blend into many interior schemes, including vintage finds.

This looks great - particularly at this price point - and it’s comfortable enough for the odd night, but it's definitely the least comfortable of the sofa beds tested.

Pros/Why we love it

Lovers of mid century design rejoice! John Lewis's much loved Anyday range has conjured up a sleek and stylish sofa bed. It's another click clack design, making it an easily manoeuvrable piece that can be put up and taken down in no time. The extra support legs are zipped up inside the piece, maintaining its streamlined frame when in use as a sofa. It's comfortable, too, with a deep memory foam mattress.

At £499, it's an affordable choice too. We recommend it for student flats, first time homes, or rental apartments, thanks to its price point.

Cons/What we don't love

There's only one upholstery option with this piece, though it does mean that delivery is relatively quick.

Swyft Model 04 Large 3 Seater Double Sofa Bed, vine velvet, £2,295 from John Lewis.
The best for speedy delivery and stain prone households
Swyft Model 04 Large 3 Seater Double Sofa Bed, vine velvet
Fact File
  • Product dimensions: H86 x W190 x D94cm
  • Upholstery options: 51 options
  • Delivery: 24 hours from the core range of five colours; made to order from more than 54 other colours takes from two weeks
  • Mattress size: W136 x L190cm
  • Warranty: 15 years
  • Mechanism type: 3 fold pull out
Jessica's verdict

This is a handsome looking sofa that has been designed with enough flair - I like the button detailing on the back cushions - to take pride of place in a main reception room. The core shape is mid century in inspiration, but additional side cushions add comfort and interest. The fabric range is impressive, with 54 to choose from, including bouclé, linen and velvet options, and a full range of colours to feel very customisable (all come with stain-resistant technology). Most impressively, if you need this in a hurry, the core five colours are available in 24 hours (made-to-order has a lead time of between 10 days and two weeks).

The size of the three seater is large and comfy. It’s 190cm wide with a 45cm back and cushions filled with double layered high-density foam and then wrapped in Dacron, a polyester fibre that gives it a fuller, softer look. The frame and legs are made from sustainable, traceable pine, plywood and come with a 15 year guarantee.

The bed is actually pretty comfortable and, at 136cm wide and 190cm long, a standard double bed size. It comes with a seven-inch thick, 300 pocket sprung foam mattress, and you can always purchase an additional topper for extra comfort. The arms are removable if you need additional space on the ends (for example, if you have a guest over about 6ft who likes to stretch out in bed).

Pulling out the bed is easy, there are just a few more steps than with a click-clack. First, lift the seat cushion to unfurl the concealed legs, lower the seat cushion (which slides out along runners), pull out the mattress topper from inside the base and flap down the back of the sofa. Then you fit the mattress and the topper on, which has elasticated straps to hook onto the four corners of the bed, and dress it. The Swyft team have timed themselves and, with practice, say it should take 30 seconds.

The sofa bed is delivered in 4 boxes, which reduces anxiety for those who are worried about squeezing frames through tight hallways or curved stairs (the company guarantee it will fit any doorway). The downside is there’s a tiny bit of assembly to do. It is relatively minimal, and requires no tools, but you will need an assistant. You screw the legs on to the base, lift the back and sides on and into the specially designed locks, put the topper inside the base, then put the seat cover on, ensuring the wheels are aligned with the runners. Then add the back and side cushions. There is a handy video on YouTube that helps. Swyft’s website is also very user-friendly with an excellent chat function: I was connected to founder Keiran Hewkin when I used it one rainy Saturday afternoon.

This is a stylish and comfortable sofa bed that would fit a more relaxed space, which has all the benefits of flat pack company - quick delivery and no anxiety about getting into a smaller house - but thanks to clever design, it has very minimal assembly and it is well made enough that the company backs itself to guarantee the base for 15 years.

Pros/Why we love it

Swyft's ‘sofa in a box' business broke new ground when it began, building luxury into flat pack principles. It means that no matter how high up you live, or how tight your doorways are, you'll always be able to get your sofa into your house. For ease of delivery, or anyone concerned about delivery, Swyft should be very high up on your list.

Swyft's sofa bed option, the ever popular Model 04, is available in 51 different, richly hued upholstery options and fabrics–a recent expansion from their original offering of seven. What's particularly interesting is that on their own website, Swyft have categorised their fabrics not just be texture and weave, but by delivery times. One such section is titled ‘24 hour delivery’, another ‘made to order in 10 days'. For those strapped for time, it's a very useful addition. Depending on which fabric you opt for, the sofa bed will take on a very different look. The linen lends the sofa bed a cool, laidback charm where the velvet envelops the sofa bed in a cosy feel. It's also a great choice for those with young children, as the fabric is stain resistant.

Cons/What we don't love

Our main drawback is that this does come in several pieces, meaning you need to assemble it at home. This may not be a problem for some but it's not the white glove service you might get with another one of its price point peers. However, once it's up and running this is a smart sofa bed that folds out into a pocket sprung double bed. A minor concern is that this sofa is rather narrow, which makes it a little less comfortable than others when used as a sofa.

Oswald Sofa Bed, £2,799 from Heal's.
Best for comfort
Oswald Sofa Bed
Fact file
  • Product dimensions: H98 x W222 x D103cm
  • Delivery: 1-2 weeks
  • Mattress size: Same as above
  • Warranty: 6 years on the mechanism, 1 year on the upholstery
  • Mechanism type: Pull out
Jessica's verdict

This chic sofa bed is minimalist in design, with soft rounded curves, and enough style to be considered ‘main room’ worthy. It is an extremely comfortable sofa, with a deep 55cm seat depth, and easily fitting three people along the generous 222cm width. The back cushions are made from 30% feather and 70% foam to give a soft, yet supportive feel.

It comes in four fabric options, from Dessin fabric in blue or twist (a mid tone grey), recycled argus ‘Natural’ (a lighter, more canvas-textured beige) or a deep green velvet. Delivery is one to two weeks, and although it arrives flat packed, the delivery team will assemble it for you on arrival.

It is extremely easy to convert into a bed: simply pull the little leather toggle, which is visible from the front, to bring the main seat up and down and legs will pop out automatically to support the bed. Then you store the back cushions in the cavity and fold down the back support to form the other half of the king sized bed. It’s a comfortable sleep, too: the bed is 150cm deep with individual pocket springs mean that you get an even pressure whatever way you turn, coupled with high resilient yet soft foam layers. It also looks stylish in its folded out form: more like a contemporary daybed.

Thanks to its great design and superior comfort, this is one of the best and comfiest sofa beds that we reviewed.

More of the best sofa beds to buy 2023

Sansa Scroll Arm Sofa Bed, plush velvet orange, £1,749 from John Lewis & Partners.
The best for comfort
Sansa Scroll Arm Sofa Bed with Storage, plush velvet orange
Fact File
  • Product dimensions: H84 x W251 x D152cm
  • Upholstery options: 113
  • Warranty: N/A
  • Average lead time: 12 weeks
Pros/Why we love it

When buying from John Lewis, you are guaranteed quality, so you can rest assured that your guests will have a good night's sleep. The Sansa sofa bed is one of the most multifunctional we've tried, as the sections are detachable. You can move the chaise section from end to end depending on what suits you. Not only that, but the chaise footstool is actually hollow to allow for additional storage. With 119 upholstery options and two leg choices, you can customise this piece to suit your house very nicely, so there'll be no settling for stock colours here. Beyond that, this sofa bed comes with a foam mattress that moulds to the body and keeps you well supported.

Cons/What we don't love

Delivery delays from John Lewis's suppliers mean that some fabric options aren't available for a good few weeks. The standard grey fabric can be delivered in seven days, but any other colour choice means a four month wait.

The best for last minute guests
Roma Single Velvet Chairbed, sage green
Fact File
  • Product dimensions: H81 x W90 x D90cm
  • Upholstery options: 5 options
  • Average lead time: 45 days
  • Average customer rating: 5 stars
  • Mechanism type: Click clack
Pros/Why we love it

A very similar sofa bed to the Made.com Haru, Habitat's Roma is a single bed version of the same design. Again, the click clack mechanism means it's relatively easy to put up and down. Plus, it's neat and compact. When unfolded, the sofa bed measures around 91 cm by 190, which we think is generous considering how small its footprint is in sofa form.

Cons/What we don't love

Click clack mechanisms are a little firmer than a pull out option as they need to maintain structure when upright. All things considered though, this is a great piece to have on hand and is best for occasional use. Just add a mattress topper if it's a real struggle.

Otto Two Seat Sofa Bed, dusty rose cotton matte velvet, £2,880 from Sofa.com.
The best for loose covers
Otto Two Seat Sofa Bed, dusty rose cotton matte velvet
Fact File
  • Product dimensions: H94 x W168 x D102cm
  • Upholstery options: 96
  • Warranty: lifetime
  • Average lead time: 4-6 weeks
  • Average customer rating: 4.5 stars
  • Mechanism type: Pull out
Pros/Why we love it

Sofa.com have a large range of sofa beds but it was the sweet Otto that caught our eye. It's a tried-and-tested all-rounder that looks just as smart in white linen as in deep berry brushed cotton (and you have a lot of choice when it comes to upholstery). The Otto is available in four sizes, from the two seater (pictured) which measures 168cm across, to the larger three seat which measures 208 and the newly added four seat sofa (244cm across), so you have quite a lot of flexibility on size once you fall for a particular shape. Possibly the best thing about this sofa bed is that the covers are loose, so you can whip them off in the event of any accidental marks or stains.

What really sets Sofa.com apart is their lifetime guarantee on the sofa bed's frame. This is a product that's built to last, so investing a little more money in it is a sensible choice. Even better, the company offer a recycling service. For a small fee, they will arrange for their delivery team to take away your existing sofa and recycle it.

Cons/What we don't love

This sofa bed requires a bit of strength to be pulled out, so it's great for guests and planned stays, but for any surprise visits it's possibly not the best choice.

Harper Square Sofa Bed, linen dahlia, £6,795 from The Conran Shop.
The best for upholstery options
Harper Square Sofa Bed, dahlia linen
Fact File
  • Product dimensions: H97 x W212 x D115cm
  • Upholstery options: 48
  • Average lead time: 16-18 weeks
  • Product dimensions: H97 x W212 x D115cm
  • Mechanism type: Pull out
Pros/Why we love it

For the very patient, this handsome and stylish sofa bed is an excellent pick. It's got a long lead time, but the level of quality waiting at the other end of those 16 weeks will surely be worth it. The Harper comes in a range of over 50 fabric choices, with bouclés, velvets and linens available. It lends itself well to both the occasional sleeping guest and day to day use, thanks to the easy metal pull out mechanisms.

Cons/What we don't love

The main drawback here is the wait time of 16-18 weeks but this isn't surprisingly given that the Harper is bespoke and made to order.

Lincoln Range, rustic hennessey leather alpaca, £3,130 from Darlings of Chelsea.
The best for a large sofa, with enough room for everyone
Lincoln 3.5 Seater Sofa, rustic hennessey leather acorn
Fact File
  • Product dimensions: H92 x W188 x D92
  • Upholstery options: 170 fabrics and leathers to choose from
  • Warranty: 10 year frame guarantee
  • Average lead time: 6-8 weeks
  • Average customer rating: 4.5 stars
Pros/Why we love it

Darlings of Chelsea are our latest go to for large furnishings, like sofa beds. Each of their pieces is handmade, but hasn't fallen victim to heinous lead times. Much of this sofa bed's characteristics are similar to the Weymouth's, with upgradeable mattress options and cushions; this one comes with a plush 12 centimetre mattress as standard. Where they differ is in aesthetics more than anywhere else. Where the Weymouth has a more contemporary and clean lined form, the Lincoln offers a more relaxed, traditional feel.

We really love how bespoke Darling's service feels, with customisable options on the seat cushion, fabric, foot colour, contrast piping, as well as the offer to have removable arms (flat dwellers and small house haunters, take note).

Cons/What we don't love

Customers have reported that delivery outside of England (but within the UK) is slower than expected in many cases.

Harrington Sofa Bed, plush velvet indigo, £2,259 from Barker & Stonehouse.
The best for a luxurious mattress
Harrington Sofa Bed, plush velvet indigo
Fact File
  • Product dimensions: H88 x W184 x D111cm
  • Upholstery options: 13 fabric options
  • Average lead time: Around 6-8 weeks
  • Average customer rating: 4.5 stars
Pros/Why we love it

Barker & Stonehouse have made a name for themselves making good quality furniture for pretty reasonable prices. The Harrington sofa bed can be upholstered in 14 different fabric options, from a brick red to a pretty taupe, and comes with feather filled back cushions that will cocoon you in a way that foam will not. For a sofa bed this comes with a very thick mattress as it's a deluxe pocket sprung, guaranteeing you a rather comfortable night's rest.

Cons/What we don't love

Wait times are a little longer than standard with this piece but, for a UK made sofa bed that's going to last a lifetime, we think that's a fair trade.

Cane Sofa Bed, dark grey, £2,699 from Heal's.
The best for on trend aesthetics
Cane Sofa Bed Dessin Dark Grey
Fact File
  • Product dimensions: H72 x W210x D95cm
  • Upholstery options: 1, but easily upholstered separately
  • Warranty: N/A
  • Average lead time: Unclear
Pros/Why we love it

This stylish sofa bed comes with a pocket-sprung mattress, meaning it offers a level of comfort above the average sofa bed. It's the topped with foam, to provide that squishy yet supportive feel memory foam is known for. It doesn't look as heavy as some of the other sofa beds we've seen, mostly thanks to the rattan arms.

Cons/What we don't love

We recommend this sofa bed for a slightly ‘out of the way’ spot: a home office, or attic room, because it's not built to withstand daily wear and tear. The cane looks lovely, but it is a little frail, so extra care should be taken around it.

Felix Chaise Corner Sofa Bed, pressed linen angora, from £3,688 from Love Your Home.
The best corner sofa bed
Felix Chaise Corner Sofa Bed
Fact File
  • Product dimensions: H87cm x W259cm x D100cm (depth of Chaise 170cm)
  • Upholstery options: 11
  • Warranty: N/A
  • Average lead time: Unclear, £49 for delivery
Pros/Why we love it

Finding a good corner sofa bed can be a hard task, but Love Your Home has solved the issue with its totally configurable left or right hand corner sofa, complete with a wide range of fabric selections. You can choose to upgrade the mattress too, should you think it'll be used a lot by guests. What's more, the main seat covers come off and be cleaned in a flash, making this a total all rounder.

Cons/What we don't love

Customisations quickly tally up to cost well over the starting price.

Made.com Haru Sofa Bed, £325 from Next.
The best for the original affordable sofa
Made.com Haru Sofa Bed
Fact file
  • Product dimensions: H82 x W142 x D89cm
  • Upholstery options: 9 choices
  • Average lead time: Unclear

The demise of Made.com back in September was terrible for a number of reasons: the loss of nearly 500 jobs, the hole it left in the high street, and (albeit on a smaller scale) the loss of the Haru sofa bed. But Next, who acquired Made.com for £3m just a year after it was valued at £775m, have become the Haru sofa bed's white knight.

Back in stock after nearly six months, Next have curated a small selection of their favourite pieces from Made.com, and it's no surprise to see the Haru front and centre of the range. The Haru was Made.com's most popular sofa bed, often selling faster than they could get it in stock. Now, it's available in a range of nine different colours, from flame orange to marine green–though the pine was always the most popular.

Why we love it

At £325, the Haru is certainly one of the cheapest sofa beds we've seen and, overall, it's a functional and easy choice. The click clack mechanism means it can be put up and down in seconds without any real fuss.

Depending on the space you have available, you can choose between a single sofa bed or a double, though we think the double looks slightly more relaxed and at ease than the single, which is really an armless, armchair sofa bed. Once you've picked the colour and size, you simply need to buy it– but move quickly as you never know when it might disappear again!

What we don't love

No, this is not going to provide the best night's sleep you've ever had. Click clack mechanisms are the easiest to deal with, but probably the least comfortable. However, for one-off stays and spontaneous visitors, the Haru will do the job nicely.

40 Winks Sofa Bed, £1,999 from Heal's.
The best for style and substance
40 Winks Sofa Bed
Fact File
  • Product dimensions: H79 x W210 x D54cm
  • Upholstery options: 1
  • Warranty: N/A
  • Average lead time: £69 for delivery, lead time unclear
Pros/Why we love it

If you're lucky enough to have space in your home office, or indeed have a home office at all, we'd opt for this slick leather sofa bed. It's comfortable enough to sit on and can be put into use as an extra place to sleep when needed.

Cons/What we don't love

Whilst the click clack mechanism might be the most simple to use, this sofa bed is not the most comfortable for long term stays.

Bromley Sofa Bed, £2,690 from Darlings of Chelsea.
The best for style that will last generations
Bromley 3 Seater Sofa Bed, easy clean plush velvet wedge
Fact File
  • Product dimensions: H105 x W160 x D94cm
  • Upholstery options: 113 fabrics and leathers to choose from
  • Warranty: 10 year frame guarantee
  • Average lead time: 6-8 weeks
Pros/Why we love it

The Bromley range of furniture from Darlings of Chelsea is perennially popular and it's easy to see why. The shape strikes the balance between smart and snuggly, between stylish and welcoming, so well. Our current favourite is this soft grey blue velvet fabric, but there are plenty of other upholstery picks available.

Cons/What we don't love

Same (minimal) issues as with all of the Darlings of Chelsea products in that any changes away from the ‘standard’ settings can tally up quickly and become costly.

Chatnap Armless Sofa Bed, old orange clever deep fabric, starting at £1,485 from Loaf.
The best for space saving
Chatnap Armless Sofa Bed, old orange clever deep fabric
Pros/Why we love it

This sofa bed is extremely good in rooms where space is at a premium. By removing the arms, the sofa somehow becomes less cumbersome and more compact. Loaf offer a selection of 132 fabrics, so you won't fall short of perfect with this one.

Cons/What we don't love

Feather filled cushions are far more comfortable, but need frequent plumping.

Sophie Loose Cover Sofa Bed, £2,911 from Love Your Home.
The best for style and comfort in equal measure
Sophie Loose Cover Sofa Bed
Pros/Why we love it

This stylish sofa bed is one of our top picks in this guide–and that's not simply because it looks charming. The deep, double mattress is ideal for everyday use, providing a comfy base for regular sofa use as well as sleeping guests. In addition, the loose covers make cleaning hassle free, so you needn't worry about the beautiful linen becoming dirty or marked.

Cons/What we don't love

The skinny arms are quite charming, but don't make for the most comfortable armrests when in use as a sofa.

Ghost Sofa Bed, by Paola Navone, £3,825 from Gervasoni.
The best for customisation
Paola Navone Ghost Sofa Bed
Pros/Why we love it

A design classic which has stood the test of time, the Ghost sofa bed deftly combines form and function. The single best feature of this sofa bed is the removable cover which can be whipped off in moments. This is particularly useful as it offers the chance to clean the sofa bed itself between uses, rather than just the bedding.

Product dimensions: H89 x W227 x D105cm

Ligne Roset Clam Sofa Bed, black stained legs, varese upholstered finish in amber, £5,315 from Chaplins.
The best for directional design
Ligne Roset Clam Sofa Bed
Pros/Why we love it

You would never guess that this charming sofa is, in fact, a sofa bed. Thanks to its innovative folding design, the mechanism is all but disguised completely.

Cons/What we don't love

Delivery is over 30+ weeks. Plus, the shape of this sofa bed isn't particularly conducive to dressing in bedding and it doesn't feature removable covers either.

Product dimensions: W227 x D105 x H89cm

Castleborough Sofa Bed, £18,690 from Ensemblier London.
The best for splurging
Castleborough Sofa Bed
Pros/Why we love it

Building on an already popular product, the 'Agnew' sofa, the Castleborough Sofa Bed from Ensemblier London is one of the finest examples of a luxury sofa bed. Using only the best materials, like beech for the frame, down feather for the cushions and a pure lambswool mattress, you'll feel as though you're sleeping in a bed - and a high end one at that. If you are after absolute craftsmanship, this is the sofa bed for you.

Cons/What we don't love

The high price point isn't exactly accessible, but we think it's a worthy investment.

Product dimensions: H83 x W171 x D96cm

Greta XL Sofa Bed, £799 from Urban Outfitters.
The best for the fashion crowd
Greta XL Green Faux Leather Sofa Bed
Pros/Why we love it

The Greta XL Sofa Bed from Urban Outfitters is surprisingly grown up and chic given the retailer is best known for its young adult fashion offering. However, we would certainly advise you not to skip over their homeware section as you'll often find hidden gems. One of those aforementioned gems is this sofa bed. The Greta is an extra large piece, featuring a legless design and padded cushions for comfort. You can adjust the back of this sofa bed to be upright, leaning back or completely flat so it's versatile enough for use as a traditional sofa, lounge spot or bed.

Cons/What we don't love

A rather cumbersome piece of kit, this sofa bed would probably take over the entire room unless you're blessed with a large space.

Product dimensions: H78 x W208 x D105cm

Northern Lighting Daybe Sofa Bed, by Morten and Jonas, £2,899 from Viaduct.
The best for ease of delivery
Daybe Sofa Bed
Pros/Why we love it

This modern sofa bed features clean lines and a streamlined shape, making it an attractive addition to any home. Unlike many other, more uncomfortable, sofa beds, the Daybed has no coils and springs, relying on layers of foam to provide comfort instead.

Cons/What we don't love

With the fold in the middle this sofa bed is probably better suited to a single sleeper, so they can lie lengthways on what would be the seat of the sofa. However, for one night's sleep here and there it's not too bad for two.

Product dimensions: H69 x W200 x D92cm

Evesham Sofa Bed, fern easy velvet, £1,949 from Swoon
The best for: frequent use
Pros/Why we love it

Available in a huge range of fabrics, from velvets to cords, the Evesham sofa bed is a family-friendly pick. It does the job of sofa just as well as it does the job of sofa bed, so it can fulfill both its functions on a frequent basis.

Cons/What we don't love

Foam cushions as standard

Best day bed 2023

Duplet Daybed, fuse weave mustard
Two Pack Daybed, oak and linen
Ori Sofa Bed, ash, coir and wool

What is the best type of sofa bed?

The best option however, if you will be sleeping on it for any length of time, is a fold-out sofa bed, where a bed frame is folded inside the structure of the sofa. Here, it is all about trying to marry a good mattress with a handsome sofa, and money will make a difference. We recommend looking for one with a memory foam mattress, as this will be the most comfortable type. At the top end, George Smith can produce almost all of their sofas as stylish sofa beds, and Ensemblier London have a chic design made from beautiful materials - lambswool mattress and feather and down fillings. The ‘Do Not Disturb’ sofa bed by Ligne Roset is known for being deep, generous and comfortable; and Gervasoni’s ‘Ghost’ sofa - a design classic - also comes as a sofa bed. At the high-street end, newcomers Furl are getting excellent reviews and offer memory foam or pocket-sprung mattresses with their fold-out sofa beds. Finally, whilst perhaps not the chicest, the humble ‘Otto’ from Sofa.com gets mentions over and over again for its good comfort-to-cost ratio.

Make sure to consider the amount of overnight guests you most frequently have to stay. This will help you decide how large the sofa bed should be. A 2 seater, or loveseat, typically sleeps 2, a 3 seater sofa bed will sleep 3 (albeit 3 little ones)!

Is a sofa bed worth it?

The simple answer is, yes. On one end of the scale you have the affordable but well made sofa bed from some of our favourite furniture shops (we like the Haru collection from Made). These can be spruced up with crisp white sheets or other lovely bedding, as well as a quilt and some cushions. These make a smart purchase for when you have friends over to stay frequently and they need somewhere to doze off. On the other end you have the investment pieces, which often make the very best sofa beds. These are designed to be as comfortable as a normal bed but look as stylish as a sofa, with rich upholstery- so much so that the difference would be imperceptible. Both are excellent options.

Sleep well!