House & Garden's spring shopping list

Small pleasures to welcome in the new season
Paul Massey

We are all about little changes with big impact in the spring. Sure, you might be one of those people who decides to repaint your house for the new season, swap out your curtains or reupholster a chair, but chances are you're more inclined to celebrate the onset of warmer weather with a few fresh touches. Perhaps you'd like to add a few window boxes to your exterior, introduce one or two floral elements to your schemes, or scatter some pretty cushions on the sofa to liven it up. We can't quite wait for spring's official arrival in a few weeks to start, but have rounded up our favourite pieces for an early spring awakening.

You can't hear the word ‘spring’ without wanting to tag ‘cleaning’ on the end. One sure fire way to make the latter more exciting is to purchase some new bits that make you actually want to pick up a dustpan and brush. Berdoulat's cutlery basket is inspired by an old cheese strainer, and the handy drainage holes mean you can pop the cutlery in there straight after washing up without the need to dry. It also looks rather smart as a table centrepiece.

Cutlery Basket
Green Round Tapered Waste Paper Bin
Must Have Bins

As we push through the last dregs of the cold, our thoughts inevitably turn to the idea of warm summer days. So why not invite a little bit inside? Lucy Lacht's film photographs will whisk you away to Ischia and other lovely Mediterranean spots and come in various sizes to suit your space.

Lighting is another important thing to consider. Spring means longer days and warmer nights, so decorative pendants and lamps that look just as good off as they do on are key. Caravane's Brass Suspension light is just the ticket.

A Conversation
Lucy Lacht
Cosmos Brass Suspension

Newly launched, Sandralexandra Studio has revealed some charming Murano glass spoons that look like jewellery for the table. We'd use them to spruce up an evening cocktail, or smartly serve jams at breakfast. Alternatively, we are looking at Wicklewood's Caballo cushion to zhuzh up sofas and armchairs.

Murano Glass Spoons, set of 2
Sandralexandra Studio
Wicklewood Caballo Red Blue Square

Before you put away those woollen blankets and fluffy cushions for spring, be sure to go over them with Toast's ‘Sweater Stone’. This nifty thing is an old school ‘de-bobbler’, removing pilled pieces of fabric from clothing and homewares alike. Run it over the garments a few times and they'll be looking good as new when they're taken out the cupboard come next autumn.

For those who feeling like getting a little bit crafty, Flying Tiger (which has recently launched online) has some excellent craft kits for very little money. They'd make lovely activities for children, or even just for yourself in front of the television.

Sweater Stone
Paint Your Own Decorations
Flying Tiger

Of course, spring means lovely blooms too, so why not invite them inside with a charming vintage tulipiere? Alternatively, head to Window Fleur, a window box subscription service that take all the hassle away from planting your own.

Round Delft Blue Tulip Vase
The Vintage Fleur Window Box
Window Fleur