Tulip mania: the best tulipieres to display your blooms in

We've selected twelve tulipieres, from high street to high end

“About suffering they were never wrong, The Old Masters,” goes the W.H.Auden poem. Well, they weren't wrong about their love of tulips either. There's a certain drama to them that's made for painting: their solid form and lack of fuss. A bunch of tulips signals the arrival of springtime, and introducing them into your home is a sure fire mood booster.

But how to display this most beloved of flowers? They are one of very few (if not, the only) flowers that have had a vase specially made for it; created to display them in their full glory. Called ‘tulipieres’, these vases were crafted to show off the blooms without having to cut the stems. Their popularity peaked in the 17th century, in tandem with the flowers themselves, and the original Dutch delftware versions go for vast sums at auction today.

Today, there are plenty of modern varieties available. Many of our favourite homeware shops, think Anthropologie, Host Home and Selfridges, offer their own take on the iconic vase style, but if you want to opt for the ceramic first angle, try looking at Etsy and Villa Bologna Pottery.

Pagoda Tulipiere Vase
Host Home
Cobalt Meadow Hand Built Vase with Spout Lid
The Shop Floor Project
Floral Fantasies Small Tulipiere, white
Stone the Crows
Round Tulipiere Vase, pink
Host Home
Vintage Blue and White Rouen Tulipiere
Admiral Vase, Rosa
Villa Bologna Pottery
Pols Potten Puyi Glazed Ceramic Vase
Vintage Tulip Vase
Round Delft Blue Tulip Vase
Francesca Kaye Chimney Vase
Francesca Kaye Heart Vase
Loreto Figueroa Candelabro Arbol 2
Partnership Editions